Maximize your Vision Health Benefits

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Why we do it?

Vision is an essential part of everyday life, influencing how individuals of all ages learn, communicate, work, play, and interact with the world. Yet millions live with visual impairment, and many more remain at risk for eye disease and preventable eye injury.

We have seen first hand the power and joy brought to a child when they recieve their first pair of corrective lens and experience the beauty of this world. We believe everyone should be given that opportunity.

Amazing Features

We promote vision health and maximize your managed vision benefits.

Store Vision Presciption

We store your unique vision prescription utilizing our reliable, secure cloud-based vision prescription storage platform.

Local Coupons / Discounts

Our application includes coupons and discounts from local physician practices to national vision retailers.

Real-Time Vision Benefits

We continue to partner with Managed Vision Plans to allow real-time access to your vision benefits and allowances.

More Features

We continue, and are commited, to adding new features and services that promote vision health.


Our Commitment

For any questions related to our products and services, please reach out to us.
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Real Value

We are vision advocates. We promote products and services intended to bring real value to you. As such, We utilize your feedback in selecting our partners and vendors.

Coupons and Discounts

Our advertisers are national, regional and local. Yet, our goal is to direct personalize coupons and discounts to your individual needs.

Personalized Services

We do NOT sell or distribute your information. However, we know that some products and services are specfic to individuals. Therefore, vendors may provide us with a list of specific offers to specific users.

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Coming soon to the Apple iTunes and Google Play Store